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New BE Suite!

Posted by on September 25, 2015

I’m excited to share our latest Suite Make Over!  We have been working on many exciting projects behind the scenes and I our BE Suites have been one of them.  When Beauty Entourage first started we didn’t have a location and we just traveled to our clients. I knew traveling all over the state to meet many clients for the very first time, it would be more ideal for a public place for them to come to instead of the privacy of their own home. Often times, we have clients that live out of state and sometimes, out of the country.  Luckily I also owned a salon so, that became the first home for BE.  Salon Alexander though had it’s own vibe. I like to think of my two business as my alter ego. Two completely different personalities. Salon Alexander is laid back, quiet, and likes to be catered to. BE is fun, talkative, and likes to feel special. HAHA! Yes, my businesses are people too.   Certainly because both businesses have their own vibe, they need their own space.

The BE suite came about when we needed a location in our Boston territory. Our team out there didn’t have a home base and really, having a home base is the lifeblood of the business. We have a partnership with Sola Salon which is a Salon Suite. They house multiple suites in a large building and allow you to decorate as you see fit. The suites are great for a stylist that wants to step up her chair rental game but doesn’t want the full responsibility of a big brick and mortar. A.K.A a salon.  This idea opened up an opportunity for BE because most of our services are on site but, we wanted that public space to call our own that clients would feel comfortable meeting their artists for the first time. We wanted it also to be a reflection of who we were as a team and a company. The BE Suite was born!

Check out our last blog about our first BE Suite in Reading.

We wanted to share the great news that we now have our very own BE Suite in our original home base too! Salon Alexander is still the beautiful serene salon it always has been. Maybe even a little cozier than before. But, our front room got the BE Suite makeover!! So far, our clients LOVE it!!! And so do we!!

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